Rhythm of Light - A Question of Perspective is a temporary installation in Jenischpark in Hamburg. The exhibit is a closed cube made of square chrome-plated steel tubing and 280 acrylic glass mirrors measuring 30 x 30 cm. The mirrors are arranged on the sides of the cube and attached to a thin steel tube with silver rings on their upper side. They are hung in rows, seven in height and eight in width. The entire exhibit measures 274 cm x 274 x 274 cm, and the art installation in public space is interactive with visitors and their environment. The cultural exhibition is about the examination of the current zeitgeist: existence and questions of reality. All a matter of perspective? The exhibition period is planned for exactly one year. Starting in January 2020 until January 2021, so that visitors can experience all four seasons in interaction with themselves and the installation. It radiates firmness and calmness, gives support and limits in a positive sense. At the same time, the reflections of the sunlight in the mirrors create a dynamic. The mirrors catch and amplify light. Wind and sun play an important role in the installation, because the exhibit uses nature as stage space. Depending on the weather, random reflections and movements of the mirrors occur. The sunlight dances around the exhibit. In addition to the natural light, an LED panel is mounted inside the cube to create an impression of light and the moment, as the mirrors capture and amplify the light. At night this panel throws an exciting shadow play around the cube, which also plays with wind and weather. The contrast of the mirrors and their dynamic reflection to the static frame of the cube blurs the boundaries between nature and human existence, and between earthly reality and spirituality. Passers-by have a multisensory experience and experience nature and themselves in an extraordinary way. Due to the constant change of the weather and the environment, every visitor will experience the installation individually.
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