The online magazine IGNANT is only and exclusively online present. The first attempts to show offline presence included a limited print magazine. In order to have a successful future, the company needed to gain a foothold in the stationary retail sector. An IGNANT Concept Store could play a major role for the online magazine in the future. The goal here is above all to strengthen customer loyalty and the resulting increase in profits. It is important that the brand offers customers the possibility of identification. The online as well as offline world of IGNANT is to be linked by sophisticated cross-channel experiences. 
The IGNANT Concept Store is a place to explore, to immerse, to learn, to discover, to inspire, to experience. A community space. It connects a store and a café with a workspace and exhibition area.
Guests first enter the store via the entrance and then pass into the IGNANT Café. The store translates a personal vision of IGNANT into a space. The geometric and dynamic space and its combination of simple and strong colors creates exciting compositions, characterized by light, form and space. The store's timeless materials, which are used in a contemporary way, complement the concept of the online magazine, which presents contemporary culture in a contemporary aesthetic. The creation of the curved shape of the suspended ceiling, the low-hanging Glo-Balls by FLOS, contrasts with the industrial square perforated sheet metal and the LED panels underneath as ceiling structure, creating an exciting and dynamic architectural structure. The combination of the simple plaster structure of the walls and the velvety rubber floor creates a minimalist aesthetic. The curved counter, complemented by fine marble, rounds off the dynamics of the room. As a cross between sculpture and furniture, the architecturally inspired and minimalist displays leave enough space for the presentation of the products. The store's product selection offers an exploration of modern design and visual culture. A careful and innovative selection of special books is offered, as well as products by local and international designers. The store's seasonally changing products and presentations are complemented by a backbone of IGNANT's favourites and classics, with the in-house café inviting customers to linger and rounding off the IGNANT Concept Store's customer journey with a variety of coffee specialties. 
This is followed by the Open Workspace. Here, room for productivity and creativity has been created. The room has a dynamic and geometric appearance, which should stimulate creative thinking. This claim is also manifested in the bright, clean and minimalist design of the workspace. The colors are kept in soft nuances. Accents and freshness are brought by the colored furniture in blue and olive structured fabric. Sculptural furniture and the desk top made of the recycled material Blizzard lend the room dynamism and personality, while the elegant minimalism is maintained. The stairs create different heights and are a seat to brainstorm. The small bunk in the back creates a retreat that continues to fit playfully into the geometric concept.
In the back of the store is the exhibition area, which is also the showroom for IGNANT. To enter the showroom, the visitor first passes through a labyrinth of round arches accompanied by the Glo-Balls of FLOS lying on the floor. This creates tension and enhances the experience. Afterwards one enters the magnificent gallery room. The large room, like the others, is characterized by the combination of the soft rubber floor and roughly plastered walls. Large mullioned windows flood the room with light and create an interesting shadow play of the window bars. The Exhibition Space is a geometric interplay of curves and straight lines, with the round arches of the partition walls and soft-looking cylindrical marble steles that channel an elegant and timeless aesthetic while creating an overall futuristic, luxurious ambience. The space, designed for maximum visual impact, is completed by a neutral color palette of broken whites and greens, contrasting with fluffy carpeting in pale yellow. The soft carpet in combination with the green-toned heavy marble blocks brings color and warmth to the room. Accents in glass give the showroom a new, relaxed luxury that conveys a sporty and technical feeling while maintaining the refined aesthetics.
VR glasses are placed on the marble blocks. Through these the visitor can fully immerse himself in the IGNANT world. The VR glasses show artists, installations or self-produced content. Thus, a photoset of IGNANT or 3D worlds can be experienced immersively and a direct connection between and the IGNANT Concept Store is created. The seamless transformation between optical 3D illusion elements lets reality and immersion merge and creates an exciting focus point for visitors and customers. The exhibition is not only a self-determined, flexible exhibition, but above all has a showroom function.
High above the exhibition space is an open gallery. This serves as a meeting space. It is characterized by a delicate olive green and white color palette, with accents of Dusty Green and in combination with black furniture. The room has an aesthetically timeless interior, with a selection of design classics and modern furniture. This room also picks up the basic idea of geometric lines and shapes. The organically curved carpet separates the meeting table from a sofa corner. The Meeting Space is a quiet retreat. When no lectures, workshops or meetings are being held, IGNANT employees can also use this space to work and relax.
The store is a meeting place for creative people. A place for exchange and inspiration. The economic goal for IGNANT is above all to strengthen customer loyalty, both for Ignant readers and for business customers. 
The IGNANT Concept Store is the figurehead of the company. Store, showroom and community space in one. The exciting Customer Journey appeals to all senses and offers customers an emotional and unique brand experience with a view to the future.
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