As a concept for the Lunative booth at Techtextil, a cave-like set is created. The focus of the trade fair presentation is on the product Luna Light, the smart light product in the form of illuminated filaments from Lunative.the product is suspended from the ceiling at various heights and creates small, cave-like spaces.with a brightening effect, the architectural structure, Luna Light, reacts interactively to the sounds and movements of the trade fair visitors.through the architectural structure inspired by an ice or stalactite cave, customers should feel their body and perceive themselves during this experience. The senses of hearing, feeling and seeing are addressed simultaneously. A multisensual perception is created. The visitors are an active part of the exhibition and create an exciting interaction between man and the landscape of lights. The exhibition stand is a world of experience, which creates a feeling of activity: A Smart Mirror is set up next to a display that presents one of the garments with integrated Luna Light. This records the body measurements and the position of the visitor. The mirror places the clothing digitally over the customer's screen image and displays information about the product. The entire process is controlled by hand gestures. The mirror image can be photographed and transferred to the customer's own smartphone via a QR code and shared in social networks.
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